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"I'm very pleased to have found Allegro Accounting. Before I purchased their QuickBooks customization package, my bookkeeping was a complete mess and I was dreading the upcoming tax season. Cathi's expert training gave me the confidence that I needed to take the important first steps of reigning in the mountain of receipts that had accumulated throughout the year, and taught me the skills I needed to stay on top of my own bookkeeping."

-Andrew Dolbin-MacNab, PediaSleep







"Upon starting my own business I wasn't too concerned with accounting. I knew how to budget, and balance a checkbook, and I knew MS Excel really well, and figured, "how hard can it be?" After 6 months of trying to do it all by hand, I realized I was in over my head. I purchased QuickBooks with the intent to teach myself the software. I quickly realized that I needed expert help.


That is where Cathi Aiello/Allegro Accounting came in. After looking at the website for a bit I realized that she was just what I needed. Within just a few days of securing her services, I had a brand new QB datafile, and a training session scheduled. And after just 1 session I was off and running. I was doing accounting!!! And after session 2, I felt like I had the knowledge I needed to keep the ball rolling all year long.


The methods that Cathi used to teach the program worked perfectly for me. I watched what she was doing, right on my own computer, with my own file. She worked at my pace, and if I didn't understand something, she explained it until I did. And she had made herself available for all of my questions that pop up...things like..."how do I code this in my file?"


I feel very lucky to have found Cathi, and if I ever have accounting questions, she's the first person I go to. I would highly recommend Cathi, for everything form learning the software from scratch, to fine tuning your current skills, and everything in between. She has the knowledge to help make you an expert too."


-Kimberly Hawkinson, Top Notch Dealz