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Allegro Accounting offers a wide-range of accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and QuickBooks consulting services to small businesses and individuals.

Whatever your business, it is vital to your growth and success that you have balanced and organized accounting. Sometimes this means doing it yourself and sometimes it means outsourcing it to a competent bookkeeper.

If you are interested in handling most of your bookkeeping yourself, we can help you get set up and will give you customized training at your pace.  We can then be available to you for periodic reviews, year-end clean up or just occasional hand-holding and consulting.

It's really up to you and there are no "rules" on how you need to handle things.

As a fellow entrepreneur, we understand fully that those who choose to start their own business cannot be forced into a "box."  Too often we have witnessed stress and conflict between business owners and their chosen accounting and CPA firms due to the inflexibility of the accounting or CPA firm.  We don't like to be told to fit into a "box" either.  So we build the "box" around the business owner.  The "box" is also rarely square and is always built from flexible materials.

So, what shape is your box?